The Shield Powerstation MF Marine range is designed to supply a much lower current over a longer period of time to enable lighting, water pumps and even televisions to operate. The battery has the ability to constantly discharge and recharge to a greater degree, compared to the starter battery during its normal life. This is known as deep cycling. The MF range is Maintenance Free for “fit and forget” ease.

Advanced semi-traction technology • Convenient carrying handles • Featuring a magic eye, enabling easy battery condition check • Manufactured with robust polypropylene case • Standard post & threaded stud terminals • MF Marine - sealed & maintenance free • Vibration resistant.

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Maintenance Free (MF range)

MF24-85 Maintenance free battery

Maintenance Free, 85Ah, 260x171x225mm, 18.9kg

Sales price: £86.40
Price / kg:

MF27-100 Maintenance free battery

Maintenance Free, 100Ah, 304x173x225mm, 21.2kg

Sales price: £99.36
Price / kg:

MF31-110R Maintenance free battery

Maintenance Free, 110Ah, 330x173x238mm, 23.5kg

Sales price: £107.45
Price / kg:
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